Proud to be a member of the
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Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Hundreds flock to Year 6 Open Evening

Cleethorpes Academy welcomed hundreds of people for their Open Evening last night.

Year 9 student Isaac Lavric played the piano to welcome guests into the main hall followed by the choir singing Flashlight by Jessie J, organised and arranged by new Vice Principal Nicola Law.

Principal Janice Hornby then addressed the hall full of enthusiastic Year 6 pupils from local primary schools and their families.

She spoke about the changes to Cleethorpes Academy including the recent alteration of the Academy logo, which showcases the three owls of Cleethorpes Coat of Arms and an anchor to symbolise the connection to the area’s fishing industry as well as the stability needed in a child’s life through their education journey.

Mrs Hornby also spoke about the £2 million development project currently being made to the Academy to improve the environment and resources for their students.

Isaac Lavric (Y9) played piano to welcome guests.

Principal Janice Hornby addressing Y6s and their families.

Year 7 student, Phoebe Brown discussed her favourite subjects with Grainthorpe Junior School pupil Harriet McWilliam. Phoebe said: “My favourite is definitely art. I think it’s just because you can use your own ideas and be creative to make something of your own.”

Harry Corke visited the Academy with his parents. Mum, said: “Harry really loves football and sport so we’re looking forward to seeing more of that. He also really likes maths and I am really impressed with everything we’ve seen this evening.”

Grainthorpe Junior School pupil Harriet McWilliam and Phoebe Brown (Y7) discuss their favourite subjects.

Wybers Wood Academy pupil Harry Corke pictured with dad Daniel Corke and Year 10 student Keegan Franklin in Geography.

Buddy Wray from Signhills Academy said that he loves history. His mum added that “he has loved what he’s seen so far and we think it’s all really great. He’s definitely happy with what he’s discovered here.”

Archie Stafford (Y7) and Teacher Mr Goodey were showing the pupils artifacts from history. Mr Goodey said: “Archie has been a saving grace this evening. He’s been so helpful and he really is the best person to talk to about History.”

Archie added: “History is my favourite subject at school. I find it so interesting and there’s just so much to talk about. We’ve even just come up with an idea for a podcast for discussing History at Cleethorpes Academy!”

Primary pupils Kayden Grant-Tyson from Reynolds Academy and Buddy and Emmeline Wray from Signhills Academy discuss history with Teacher Mr Goodey and Archie Stafford (Y7).

Year 8 students Harvey Hawkey and Olly Marshall helped pupils create their own Top Trump cards in history.

Students were tasked to make things in art, textiles and technology using the schools new signature owls.

Emma Poland from Lacey Gardens Junior Academy said that Art is her favourite subject. She created an owl mask in the art department, showcasing the new badge for the Academy. She said: “This is all so amazing; I love making things and I can’t wait to try some more!”

They were able to create wooden owls and choose an owl keyring to ‘adopt’ and take home in Technology. In Textiles, they were shown how to create a print on fabric with paint.

Ettie and Arnah Lamming (Y5) from Signhills Academy look at what Textiles lessons involve with Mr Jukes.

Reynolds Academy pupil Poppy Allenby created her own fabric print with Miss Hales in Textiles.

Emma Poland from Lacey Gardens Junior Academy.

Evin Sit (Y9) with Jensen Flint (Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy) and Chloe Robbins (Reynolds Academy) with Principal Janice Hornby in Technology.

The Science department gathered quite a crowd with their amazing experiments. Year 6 pupil Luke Keetley from Bursar Primary Academy enjoyed making circuits with Mr Hamilton. His mum said: “He’s enjoying himself in here. I think he would stay in here all evening if I let him. We’ve been really impressed with the school.”

Mr Cartwright and Archie Taylor (Y10) demonstrate an amazing experiment in science with Iris Mundford (Y6) from Elliston Academy.

Luke Keetley from Bursar Primary Academy with Mr Hamilton in Science.

Principal Janice Hornby commented: “We’ve had a very busy and successful evening with children from a large variety of local primary schools visiting us to find out more. It is a very big decision and parents and children must make an informed choice for their child’s secondary education.

I am very proud of our school and I do believe the best way to get to know us is to come and have a look around, speak to our staff and students and find out what life at Cleethorpes Academy is really like.

I am very pleased with how the evening went and we hope to welcome lots of our visitors from this evening in September 2024.”

Emily Morgan from Bursar Primary Academy decorated some cupcakes with GCSE Food students Luke Bucknole and Brooke Harniess (Y11).

Students demonstrate netball in the Sports Hall.

Cleethorpes Academy students showcase their equipped gym.