Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust
Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Terrific performances

Individuals celebrated “terrific” GCSE results with staff at the Academy.

Principal Janice Hornby (front, centre) with successful students and their parents at Cleethorpes Academy.

Principal Janice Hornby said: “I’d like to congratulate our Year 11s. They have had it tough because of the pandemic.

“Two years of disrupted education has been challenging for many of our students and their families.  The impact of Covid should not be underestimated when we look at overall performance.

“I’m incredibly proud of this cohort who have dug deep and shown tremendous resilience to complete courses and achieve their results.

“We have had some terrific individual performances and I’m delighted to celebrate with those students today. I wish them all well.”

There were many happy students and parents picking up results.

Jessica Roche achieved an 8 in English Literature, 7 in English Language and sixes in Art and Design, History and Maths.

The effort paid off for Jessica, with mum Vicki.

“I’m very surprised but happy,” she said. “I thought I’d failed but these are great.”

She is going on to study Education Childcare at Franklin College.

Mum Vicki Smith said: “I knew she would do it. She’s put in so much effort. I promised I would not cry but I could not help it.

“She went to all the after-school sessions, Saturdays and holidays and deserves the results.”

George Binns achieved 9s in Maths and Chemistry, an 8 in Physics, 7s in Biology and History, 6 in English Language and 5 in Literature.

George Binns celebrates his terrific results with mum and dad Tracey and Dave.

“I was quite shocked,” he said. “I had been worrying but I’m relieved now. It has been fun here.

“The teachers have been great and always on hand to help, especially around the exams.”

Mum and dad Tracey and Dave Binns were “very proud”.

He said: “This is the second proudest day of my life, the first when George was born.”

Joe Burgess achieved a 9 in History, and 8s in Physics, English Literature and Maths.

Joe Burgess with dad Mark, happy with his results.

“I’m relieved to get these results,” he said.

His plan was to do Business, Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science at Franklin before studying the latter at Leeds.

“I’ve had the best time here and will miss the Academy, particularly the teachers and atmosphere.”

Dad Mark, who suffers from asthma, said Joe had done particularly well as he was absent from school for 18 months during Covid to protect him as he was shielding.

Kian Gray-Hull, who has disabilities, achieved 9s in English Language and History, with 7s in English Literature, Spanish and French and a 6 in Maths.

Kian Gray-Hull with mum Lindsey.

Mum Lindsey Gray was “elated”.

“He’s had a couple of disabilities but he has not allowed them to get in his way at all.”

Kian, going to Franklin College, said: “I can’t believe the results. I was scared before as I thought I’d failed the lot! I did not think I would get 9s.”

Our top performers:

George Binns:

  1. 2 grade 9s (Maths & Chemistry)
  2. 1 grade 8 (Physics)
  3. 2 grade 7s (Biology & History)
  4. 1 grade 6 (English Language)
  5. 1 grade 5 (English Literature)
  6. 1 Merit 2 (iMedia)
  7. 1 Distinction 2 (Engineering)

Ewan Bridson:

  1. 1 grade 7 – (History)
  2. 4 grade 5s – (Science dual, English Language & Maths)
  3. 1 grade 4 (English)
  4. 1 Distinction 2 (Engineering)
  5. 1 Pass 2 (iMedia)
  6. 1 grade 3 (Music)

Joe Burgess:

  1. 1 grade 9 (History)
  2. 3 grade 8s (English Literature, Maths, Physics)
  3. 3 grade 7s (English Language, Chemistry, Biology)
  4. 1 grade 6 (Photography)
  5. 1 Distinction 2 (iMedia)

Abbie Colbrook:

  1. 1 grade 8 (History)
  2. 1 grade 7 (English Literature)
  3. 3 grade 6s (Maths, English Language, Photography)
  4. 2 grade 5s (Dual Science)
  5. 1 Distinction 2 (Engineering)
  6. 1 Merit 2 (iMedia)

Scalett Drinkell:

  1. 1 grade 8 (Maths)
  2. 5 grade 7s (Photography, English Literature, English Language, Spanish, Science)
  3. 1 grade 6 (Science)
  4. 1 grade 5 (Art)
  5. 1 Distinction 2 (iMedia)

Kian Gray-Hull:

  1. 2 grade 9s (English Language, History)
  2. 3 grade 7s (English Literature, French, Maths, Spanish)
  3. 1 grade 6 (Maths)
  4. 2 grade 5s (Science Dual)
  5. 1 grade 2 (Music)

Kieran Harris:

  1. 2 grade 8s (Chemistry & English Literature)
  2. 4 grade 7s (English Language, History, Maths, Physics)
  3. 1 grade 6 (Biology)
  4. 1 grade 5 (Photography)
  5. 1 Distinction 2 (iMedia)

Jayden Henfrey:

  1. 1 grade 8 (History)
  2. 4 grade 7s (English Language, English Literature, Dual Science)
  3. 2 grade 6s (Spanish, Maths)
  4. 2 grade 5s (French & Music)

Poppy Morgan:

  1. 3 grade 7s (Art, English Language, Maths)
  2. 4 grade 6s (Biology, Chemistry, Eng Lit, History)
  3. 2 grade 5 (Physics, Sports Studies)

Evie Neville:

  1. 4 grade 8s (English Language, English Literature, History, Maths)
  2. 4 grade 7s (Art, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  3. 1 Merit 2 (Health Studies)

Jessica Roche:

  1. 1 grade 8 (English Literature)
  2. 1 grade 7 (English Language)
  3. 3 grade 6s (History, Maths, Photography)
  4. 3 grade 5s (French, Dual Science)
  5. 1 grade 3 (Music)

Harry Smith:

  1. 5 grade 5s (English Literature, Geography, Maths, Dual Science)
  2. 1 grade 4 (English Language)
  3. 1 Distinction 2 (Engineering)
  4. 1 Pass 2 (Health Studies)
  5. 1 Merit 2 (iMedia)

Olivia Welby:

  1. 1 grade 8 (Geography)
  2. 1 grade 7 (English Language)
  3. 3 grade 6s (English Literature, Science, Sports Science)
  4. 3 grade 5s (Maths, Science. Spanish)
  5. 1 Merit 2 (Health Studies)